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What is marta?

marta is a digital platform that connects families with caregivers - directly, easily and reliably.

Care according to your needs - Through our detailed matching you will only see caregivers who really fit your needs

Transparency & security - Via our digital platform to certified caregivers and transparent payment

From human to human- Do you need help with your search? Our trained team is ready to assist you at any time and with any questions you may have.

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What's special about marta

Safe & Verified

Every caregiver on marta goes through a background and ID check in their country of origin - so you have complete peace of mind.

Full cost transparency

You pay for the caregiver and the trip. There are no other costs or entry fees.

24h support

Our team is always available for you and accompanies you from the beginning.

Cancelable at any time

If you are not satisfied, you can usually terminate the contract between you and the caregiver at no additional cost after just 7 days.

Independent caregivers

All caregivers have a German trade and are fully insured.

From €2,299

Our platform puts you in direct contact with caregivers, without an agency. This saves you money and ensures fair remuneration.

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How can my caregiver help me?

Caregivers can help you in many areas. Among them hygiene, mobility, food preparation, housekeeping and more.

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Getting a caregiver with marta

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1. Download the app

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2. Fill in your profile

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3. Find the perfect caregiver

Compare only available caregivers that are right for you and finally put an end to your search.

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Based on your needs analysis, we will only show you caregivers that really fit your situation. Compare them now and directly consider concrete information about experience, German language skills and much more.

marta is already helping thousands of families in Germany and Europe


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What our families say about us

Don't trust us - listen to the families who have already found the right caregiver through marta.

The overall performance was really outstanding! Starting with comprehensive and individual advice to highly competent nursing staff caring for my mother! I can only highly recommend the services of marta. And again a big thank you to the entire team!

Excellent advice coupled with perfect fulfillment of promised services move me to this rating. I am glad that my grandma, who took care of me for years, is now in good hands and I no longer have to worry about unreliable care services.

Our caregiver is so exemplary in dealing with my mother-in-law's dementia, she just accepts her as she is. We are happy to have found her as a caregiver through marta."

Empathy, care and services are in the foreground here. We suddenly needed quick help for our mother due to a stroke of fate! In just a few days you organized everything for us. For this we are infinitely grateful and hope that many other families can benefit from you.


Competent, sympathetic and a heart for the caregivers. Very competent and sympathetic advice, no hidden costs, no subcontractors in the partner country and therefore more money that arrives at the caregivers. However, the total price is not higher than other agencies.

Very nice and competent advice on the phone. The caregiver was quickly with my mother and I am super excited after 2 weeks!!! Any question continues to be clarified directly and the staff always have time for me even on weekends.

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Philipp Buhr

Founder & Managing Director

Our history

"When a person we love suddenly needs care, we face great challenges "

Find the right care for your loved ones today.

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Frequently asked questions

What does "24 hour care" mean?

The concept of 24-hour care is widespread in Germany and involves a caregiver moving into the household of a person in need of care for a limited period of time. The caregiver is primarily responsible for basic care and household chores. In addition, the caregiver supports the family member in need of assistance in carrying out desired activities. The caregivers are close by when you are needed, concrete activities and working hours are agreed upon in advance.

How much does my caregiver from marta cost?

How much a caregiver earns is often adapted to the respective German language skills, the accruing care effort and possibly required additional qualifications. Basically, the desired salary of caregivers on the marta platform starts at 1,999 euros per month.

Do the caregivers know German?

The caregivers to be found on our platform who are not from Germany mostly have a good knowledge of German. The individual level of German knowledge is recorded in each profile and varies from "Basic" to "Very Good" knowledge. You can filter and search for the desired level at any time.

How soon can my found caregiver start?

Sometimes things have to happen quickly. How quickly you can find a suitable caregiver depends on your particular situation. Under "normal" circumstances, families can find a caregiver through marta within 2 days. In times of Corona, there may be some delays due to testing. Nevertheless, the placement should not take longer than 5 days.

What activities does a caregiver perform?

You can decide for yourself which activities a caregiver offers and takes over; in each profile you will find the appropriate overview. Normally, this includes different activities of care (personal hygiene, toileting, movement activation, etc.) as well as housekeeping (shopping, meal preparation, washing, cleaning, etc.).

More information about the services of the caregivers

What happens if the person to be cared for and the caregiver do not harmonize?

Despite extensive advance information for both sides, it can always happen that the "chemistry" is not right. In this case, we are fully available to help both you and the caregiver to find a new, more suitable replacement as quickly as possible and to organize the departure and arrival.

Does marta have a cancellation period?

If you are not satisfied with your caregiver, you always have the option to quickly find an alternative through marta and the option to terminate the contract with the caregiver within 7 days.