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Learn everything you need to know about 24h home care - how the model works and what to consider

This article on 24-hour home care for seniors provides you with a comprehensive guide to help you better understand your family's situation. This way, you can check whether 24h care can be a helpful solution for you.

1. 24-hour care at home - an alternative to a nursing home

care at home means that a caregiver is present at a person's home around the clock to assist with daily care and maintenance. This type of care is suitable for people who are unable to manage their daily lives on their own due to their health or age, or who prefer to live in their own home rather than move into a nursing home. Marta only places qualified and experienced caregivers, regardless of whether they come from Germany or Eastern Europe. Qualification and experience always come first. These caregivers are very experienced and live in the household of the person in need of care in order to assist them around the clock with their daily needs and the appropriate care. This type of care enables persons in need of care to live longer and well cared for within their own four walls, thus offering family members a great deal of relief.

2. what does 24-hour nursing or 24-hour care mean?

term "24-hour nursing" or "24-hour care" only describes the concept and not the actual service. The caregivers responsible for 24-hour care are not certified nursing professionals, but are nevertheless experienced and possess the necessary skills through their practical experience. Thus, they do not work around the clock, as this is not possible for occupational health and safety reasons. In Germany, there are legal regulations regarding the working hours of nursing staff. According to the Working Hours Act (ArbZG), employees in Germany may not work more than 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as in the case of shift work or emergencies. However, in these cases it must be ensured that employees have sufficient recovery time. Thus, caregivers are not allowed to work around the clock without having sufficient breaks and recovery time. This means that caregivers are not allowed to work around the clock, as the maximum weekly working time is 60 hours. A precise number of hours and a maximum limit on weekly working hours should therefore be agreed in writing. A 24-hour caregiver usually stays for a period of two to three months. Often, two caregivers alternate in a three-month cycle so that the person in need of care has two permanent caregivers. This enables seamless care for the relative.

3. what does a 24-hour caregiver do at home?

24-hour care, it can be guaranteed that your loved one is cared for around the clock and supported in everyday life without being alone. Typically, 24-hour care includes the following responsibilities:
A loving moment of embrace between caregiver and cared-for person illustrates the close bond that is formed through daily help and support in various areas of life.

It is important to note that the exact tasks and responsibilities of a caregiver can vary from case to case and need to be adjusted depending on the needs and requirements of the patient. Marta supports you in finding the perfect caregiver that fits you and your needs exactly, ensuring a match between your expectations and the actual performance.

4. what services can you not expect from a caregiver?

caregiver is responsible for providing support and assistance in various areas of daily life. However, there are some tasks that cannot be expected of a caregiver. These include:
It must be remembered that caregivers also have their own limits and are not responsible for everything. It is therefore important to establish clear expectations and agreements to ensure that the caregiver is able to perform their tasks successfully.

5. how much does 24-hour care at home from marta cost?

cost of 24-hour care at home depends on various factors, such as German language skills, the amount of care required, and any additional qualifications needed. Marta offers one-month salaries for caregivers starting at 1,999 euros. This represents the basis of the remuneration. It is important to note that the actual income may change depending on the above factors and is therefore calculated on an individualized basis. Financing options can be partially covered by the care allowance and tax deductions. The amount of the care allowance depends on the degree of care. Depending on the need for care, prevention/short-term care can also be claimed. For more information, see one of our articles on the costs of 24-hour care.

6. the advantages of 24-hour home care

24-hour care offers many advantages for older people who want to live at home longer. Independence and dignity can be maintained through experienced caregivers and in-home support.

Inexpensive compared to other forms of care
Experienced caregivers
Relief in the household
Shared activities & motivation
High esteem
Psychological relief for relatives

Although 24-hour care can be a great way to simplify everyday life and provide support, when choosing this form of care, one should also consider the fact that one must enter into living together in a confined space. To make this as pleasant as possible, it is important to create certain conditions to make the relationship between caregiver and cared-for person positive.
A shared laugh shows how important a positive relationship between caregiver and cared-for person is for a pleasant coexistence.

7. what are the requirements for 24-hour home care?

you have decided to hire a home care worker, it is important to be aware that she will be moving into your household temporarily. To ensure that your caregiver feels comfortable, you should arrange your home accordingly. Prepare a separate room for the caregiver, equipped with a bed, closet, desk and other necessary furniture. Also provide an internet connection to allow contact with the family. It is also important that the caregiver can take regular breaks and have lunch. Keep in mind that the caregiver's job is very demanding and the caregiver is a human being taking care of someone else's daily tasks and needs. To make the caregiver's stay more enjoyable, you can allow them more free time and allow them to go out in the evenings or go on outings. It is also important to set clear rules for living together in the home and make sure they are followed. Always remember that the health of the family member is paramount and that the caregiver is an important part of the team taking care of that person.

8. find the perfect caregiver with Marta: easy, convenient and effective

summary, 24-hour home care is an excellent way to provide the best possible care for affected individuals and their family members without giving up the comfort of their own home. This form of care can maintain a familiar environment, which can be especially important for elderly or ill individuals. Marta provides an easy and convenient way to compare hundreds of available caregivers to find the best option for your individual situation. Take the time to discover how Marta can help you find the perfect caregiver. Call now or visit the website to learn more!

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