Home-based 24-hour care: how it works and what the model covers

In our aging society, it is unfortunately becoming more and more common for older people to no longer be able to manage their everyday lives on their own for a variety of reasons. Currently, around 4.96 million people in Germany are in need of care and must be looked after. In order to give seniors the opportunity to spend their twilight years within their own four walls and to age with dignity, there is the possibility of home care. This is a wonderful way for people who do not want to go to a retirement home to live independently for as long as possible.

1. what kind of care does marta provide?
2. what are the responsibilities of caregivers?
3. what is not part of marta's care?
4. what is the care process at marta?
5. what are the benefits of being a caregiver at marta?

1. what kind of care does marta offer?

When talking about care, a clear distinction must be made between home care or support for elderly people in their everyday lives and care in the legal sense. Legal care is also an increasingly important type of care. This involves state care for the health and integrity of individuals, as well as the management of their assets. At marta, the focus is on home care as everyday support. This is often colloquially called "24h care" or"24 hour care". In practice, of course, this does not mean that caregivers work or are available around the clock. Break times and days off are important elements of a care agreement.

2. what are the tasks of caregivers?

is also importantto know that caregivers have a clearly defined scope of duties. Basically, they are there to support people with any restrictions in everyday life. One very important point here is personal hygiene. Caregivers help with showering and bathing, brushing teeth, nail care and going to the toilet. They also help the person in need of care to maintain a well-groomed appearance. This includes combing hair and brushing teeth, for example. Maintaining mobility is very important to give people a sense of dignity and participation in society. That is why caregivers help with dressing and undressing and accompany the person entrusted to them to the hairdresser or doctor's appointments. Help with getting up and going to bed and, if necessary, assistance with climbing stairs or walking in general are other important aspects of maintaining mobility.

A cared-for household is an important aspect of living with dignity. Caregivers can assist with any light household tasks and make sure the environment is clean and well-maintained. Whether cleaning up, heating, making beds, washing, ironing or shopping together, caregivers make sure the household stays in order. If necessary, they can also assist with meal preparation. Another important task of caregivers is to prevent loneliness within their means. Many seniors have only a very limited circle of acquaintances or are so physically limited that they hardly ever leave the house. Caregivers can help to make the lives of seniors more active and prevent loneliness in old age by providing targeted support.

If desired, they can help to shape the everyday life of the person entrusted to them and sometimes even make it more interesting through creative suggestions. For example, caregivers often go on walks with the person, play board games or read aloud from the newspaper.

The 24-hour caregiver from marta enriches the life of the person being cared for by not only helping with household chores, but also organizing leisure activities together.

3. what is not part of marta care?

Since caregivers are usually not traditionally trained nurses, they cannot perform medical services on their own. In such cases, third parties must be called in to provide medical care. The distinction between medical care and daily personal care depends on the individual case and must be explicitly examined. Caregivers attach great importance to cleanliness and order in the home environment, but they do not usually take on extensive cleaning tasks such as clearing out the basement or washing heavy curtains or drapes.

To put it bluntly, thorough spring cleaning does not fall within their remit, but washing up after a joint coffee party does, of course. As already mentioned, caregivers do not work around the clock. Days off as well as regular breaks are not only mandatory, but also the basic prerequisite for successful care or support as well as a harmonious interaction between the person to be cared for and the caregiver.

Heavy gardening work also does not fall within the scope of duties of caregivers. They can certainly take over watering the flowers by arrangement, but they do not weed or mow the lawn or trim the hedges. For this, it may make sense to employ a gardener.

4. how does the care at marta work?

The marta caregivers perform the tasks already mentioned and live with the persons entrusted to them during the care period. For this reason, it is important that they are properly accommodated. A room of their own as a place of retreat, ideally with their own bathroom and internet access for contact back home are of great advantage in this respect. Our support is available around the clock to provide advice - both for caregivers, the person to be cared for and the person in need of care. Since the caregivers are selected precisely for you from hundreds of profiles through the interaction of technology and a team of experts, personal preferences can usually be met. So you can be sure to find the ideal caregiver for your loved one. All caregivers undergo a background and ID check to ensure the highest quality and safety.

5. what are the advantages of a caregiver from marta?

Home care with 24h care offers individual care according to the preferences of the person to be cared for. Certainly the biggest advantage is that the caregiver is always in the house or on site. Even if she is not on duty 24/7, it is still an advantage to have someone nearby in case of emergency.

Another big advantage is the personal contact and the quickly established routine with always the same caregiver. Older people can thus develop a sense of comfort and security more quickly, without having to constantly adapt to new circumstances. Another great advantage is our cost transparency of marta. Hidden costs will not come your way. You will only pay for the care and travel expenses of the caregiver. All caregivers placed by us are self-employed, i.e. they have a German trade and are fully insured. Compared to a traditional nursing home, you often pay even less for this individual type of care. This is made possible by numerous subsidies such as care allowance, benefits from short-term care or tax benefits. Also therefore the domestic 24h support becomes ever more popular and is for thousands families of marta the first choice for their loved ones.

Furthermore you come over us directly into contact with the care forces, completely without agencies and middlemen. This not only saves you money, but also ensures that the caregivers are paid fairly, which in turn significantly increases their satisfaction and morale. If, contrary to expectations, the chemistry between the person to be cared for and the caregiver is not right, the contract can be terminated within seven days and usually at no additional cost.

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