Fair Prices & Full Transparency.

We attach great importance to fair dealings with all parties involved.

Read here how we ensure fair prices and better payment for caregivers with marta, as well as how you can already secure financial support for 24h care more easily with marta.

Cost of a caregiver on marta

Affordable for you, better for the caregiver.

Through marta, you come into direct contact with the caregivers, without middlemen.

This saves you costs and, for the first time, ensures that the caregivers are paid appropriately.

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Monthly cost of a caregiver

From €2,299


Daily billing

According to their needs

Fair payment

Caregivers determine their prices

No hidden costs

Transparent and simple

an illustration of a contract signed by both parties

No more hidden costs - just good care.

Since we provide you with all documentation directly on our platform, you can always check directly where your money is going.

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How do I save with marta?

Find a caregiver

With the help of our platform you can find the right caregivers for your situation. With our support, you can directly sign a service contract with the caregiver.

Pay only as long as necessary

After you have concluded your service contract through marta, you pay your caregiver directly and to the day. If you wish to terminate the contract, there is usually a short notice period of only 7 days.

Get your money back

Have access to your receipts from anywhere, easily and digitally via marta - and submit them to benefit from up to 17.000€ reimbursements per year.

Reimbursement via your long-term care insurance

Up to €17,239


Care allowance

316-901€ per month

Preventive & short-term care

up to 2.418€ per year


up to 4.000€ per year

Find out about your financial options now

The German healthcare system allows families with dependents in need of care to access financial assistance through many avenues - but unfortunately this is not always immediately apparent.

Find out about your options now in our handy guides and start benefiting from legal care today.

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Forms of financial assistance.

Apply for care allowance

In Germany, every person in need of care who is cared for at home is entitled to a care allowance.
This also applies to care provided by foreign caregivers.
The amount is between 316.00 and 901.00 euros per month and depends on the respective care degree.

Preventive and short-term care

All affected persons, from the second care degree and higher, are entitled to prevention and short-term care. These can be claimed for 6 or 8 weeks per calendar year. For this period, 50% of the care allowance continues to be paid. It is also possible to combine both benefits.

Tax relief

"Household-related services" are services provided in a private context. As a rule, this also includes 24-hour home care provided by private caregivers. Up to 20% of the service invoice can be deducted as a household-related service. A maximum of up to 4,000 euros can be claimed annually.