Short-term care

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1. definition of short-term care

Short-term care is a temporary form of care in which people in need of care are cared for at home or in an inpatient facility. It is aimed at people who need help due to short-term illnesses, accidents or disabilities. Short-term care is designed to help those affected and their families adjust to changes in everyday life while giving them the opportunity to continue living at home.

2. duration of short-term care

‍Short-termcare usually lasts from a few days to several weeks. The exact duration depends on the individual needs of the person in need of care and the circumstances. Short-term care is a temporary solution for people who need care at home and require intensified nursing and care that they cannot manage on their own. The duration of short-term care is flexible and determined by when the person concerned is either recovered enough to live independently again - or another permanent care solution has been found.

3. for whom is the short-term care suitable?

Short-term care is suitable for people who need temporary intensive care and support that they cannot manage on their own at home. This also offers older people and others who need assistance with care a chance to return to their daily lives quickly and effectively. Here are some examples:

Rehabilitation after a hospital stay: After a hospital stay, short-term care can be a useful solution to support rehabilitation to enable a safe return home and to become independent again at home.

Need for care due to a chronic illness: People with chronic illnesses whoneed temporary care due to a deterioration in their health can benefit from short-term care. In the best case, the health condition then improves again to such an extent that independent living is possible.

Support for family caregivers:
Family caregivers who are temporarily prevented from attending can take advantage of short-term care to recuperate and ensure that the person in need of care is well cared for.

Need for care due to an age-related illness: people in need of care due to an age-related illness can benefit from short-term care to restore their abilities.

Support after an accident or surgery: after surgery or an accident, short-term care can be an important support for people who need to recover and rebuild their skills before they can operate independently in their own homes again.

People who need temporary care at home: People who need temporary care at home can benefit from short-term care to ensure they are properly cared for.

It is important to note that the exact requirements for receiving short-term care vary from state to state, and it is recommended that you contact your health insurance provider or a long-term care counseling center for accurate information. Marta can advise you free of charge on the subject of applications and care subsidies. For more information, click here on the topic of care allowances and care degrees.

4. how does short-term care work?

‍Short-term caredoes not necessarily have to take place in a professional nursing home, but can also be provided in the patient's own home. Short-term care supports patients with the necessary care and support so that they can live in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. The following steps should be followed:

1. To be eligible for short-term care, you must first submit a prescription from the attending physician.

2. Marta will check with you what the person's special care needs are, and will provide you with advice and information about 24-hour short-term care and its costs.

3. After completing the preparations and choosing a caregiver, short-term care begins directly and ends after the specified period.

4. After completing short-term care, it may be necessary to transition to another form of long-term care if the patient needs further support.

Marta is available to assist you with this process. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you.

marta supports you in your search for the right caregiver - we are happy to help.

5. what services does short-term care include?

‍Short-termcare includes a wide range of services. These include:

‍✔ 24-hour care, which can also take place overnight

‍✔ Assistance with the daily performance of basic care and personal hygiene such as washing hands, brushing teeth, dressing and undressing, assistance with eating, washing and going to the toilet

‍✔ Care that serves personal well-being

‍✔ Organizational support in planning and carrying out medical visits or accompanying patients to physiotherapy sessions.

✔ S upport in coping with everyday life by facilitating the things of daily living

‍✔ Leisure activities and social activities

These services can be flexibly adapted and offered to meet the individual needs of the user.

6. assumption of costs for short-term care

‍Thecosts for short-term care are usually covered by health insurance. The care level plays an important role here, as this determines the scope of financial support from the health insurance. Depending on the care level, different benefits can be claimed. It is therefore advisable to find out about the individual benefits provided by your own health insurance in advance.

7. difference between short-term care and preventive care

‍Short-term careand prevention care are both forms of care that provide temporary support for people in need of care. Here's a comparison of the two forms of care:
It is possible to combine both short-term and preventive care. This means that the person in need of care can make use of a combination of the two forms of care and thus benefit from both. By combining both forms of care, it is possible to meet the needs of the person in need of care in the best possible way.

8. marta also supports you with short-term care
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